KeSa House: The newest boutique property near Chinatown

A new boutique property is opening next month on Keong Siak Street; keep a look out for KēSa House!

We speak to Florian Sander (aka Flo), founder and managing director of iThink Consulting Group, Asia’s premier boutique hospitality consulting firm, to find out more about his design vision and approach with this unique heritage property. 

Tell me how you conceptualised the design for KēSa House.

Designing a row of shophouses is both a great challenge as well as an incredible opportunity. When we first looked at the 10 shophouse stretch on Keong Saik Road, we felt that the previous incarnation did not bring out the true beauty of this amazing property. With a 60-meter-long facade neighbouring famous F&B concepts such as Burnt Ends and Potato Head, we wanted to create a physical and visual presence that could command both impression and inspiration.

After a few days of inspiration, as well as looking around other facades in the vicinity, we felt that an Aquamarine theme would on the one hand inject a fresh look and feel to Keong Saik road, and simultaneously create a facade that feels elegant during the day and stunning at night. A presence that leaves a mark while creating emotional touch points with passersby.