Singaplural 2019: Exciting installations to see

We visited Singaplural 2019, which started on 4 March and will run through to 17 March.

Here's a quick sneak peek of what you'll find at National Design Centre, where the event is held.



Themed "Unnatural Phenomena", brands and creatives collaborated to create innovative design ideas that showcase creative use of materials and technology.


1) Enjoy the Silence by AntiCad X TakahashiLim A+D

This installation is designed to explore the link between form and sound, and is inspired by the shape and folds of human ears. A combination of sound absorbing materials and undulating forms helps create a quiet zone within a crowded space.


2) A Portraiture of Facets by Admira X Studio DAM

Here's an interesting showcase of laminates in various colours and textures that have been combined to form pieces of artwork.


3) Bo(u)lder by EDL X Formwerkz

This is a scultpure involving illusion and laminates. One look and you might think it is made of stone, but look again and you'll realise otherwise and hopefully change your perspectives of what laminates can do.

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4) Graceful Fig by Stone Amperor X MM Galleri X Lian Architects

The fluid form of this piece showcases the technology of bended marble and takes its design inspirarion from the graceful fig shell.


5) Autumn by Decor Fan X Fraction

Immerse yourself in a VR experience as you step into this "forest", where you'll hear the rustling of leaves from the pinwheels, and see warm sunlight and feel cool breeze all around you.

With many other installations available to explore, drop by Singaplural 2019 from now till 17 March to see more!