Lim Siew Hui, designer and founder of Hui Designs, shares more about design

Lim Siew Hui, designer and founder of Hui Designs, shares with us her fondest memory and what makes her tick.

Q Describe your fondest memory as a child.

My father was an architect, and I was fascinated by his work. I remember sneaking into his study as a child and unrolling his blueprints when he was not around. I would trace the lines with my fingers and marvel at the intricacy and details. I think that was what influenced me to pursue interior design as a career.

Q Name one music track you listen to, while at work.

It really depends on my mood, as my music taste is very diverse and eclectic. I could be listening to French rap by MC Solaar one moment, and switch to songs by Goldfrapp, Leonard Cohen, Madonna or P.Diddy, the next.

Q One worthy or charitable cause you'd fight for?

I believe strongly that the fate of our future lies with children and the next generation, that’s why I support World Vision. I am sponsoring three children and hope to do more when I have the time, in the future. I believe that in order to create a good society, we have to start with instilling good values and nurturing children to grow up to be great human beings.

Q Your design style is...

I don't think I have a specific design style, but I do feel I am an intuitive designer. I approach the concept and design of each project by understanding the brief and having a good feel of the site. In that sense, the style of every project is influenced by, and developed with respect to, various factors.

Q Which room of the house do you spend the most time in and which natural element do you find most inspiring?

I don't like to be confined to small spaces, so my favourite spot has to be lounging in my living room. It's a fairly large space and situated close to my balcony, so it offers me a great view of the scenery outside. As for inspiring elements, I’m drawn to the mountains and ocean because they give me a feeling of unbounded freedom and a new perspective on life. For that reason, I love hiking and spending a lot of time connecting with nature.