Top 12 essential oils to help you destress and relax at home

If you are feeling anxious and depressed or suffering from poor sleep, you might want to try getting into essential oils. Essential oils, which are natural extracts made from flower, herb, and tree parts like bark, roots, peels, and petals — can help with stress reduction and relaxation, improve your concentration, kill bacteria and even boost your immunity.

We spoke to Anna Brewster from The Natural & Organic Co, who looks after aromatherapy and natural body products, to give us the lowdown on the best essential oils for our health.

One thing to note though: You shouldn’t use pure essential oils directly on the skin. A good rule of thumb is to dilute your essential oils to a one per cent blend, which essentially means one drop of essential oil for every five ml of carrier oil. Any (ideally odourless) plant-based oils can be used as a carrier oil, including sweet almond, jojoba, olive or avocado. Or you could add drops to your diffuser or on the floor when you’re having a hot shower.

Now read the below and get yourself a few. Then…just relax.