6 iconic paintings and what they look like in real life

Ever gazed at one of those famous paintings and wondered what their real-life renditions would look like? Home Advisor created some character generated (CG) images that will help to satisfy your curiosity!


1. The Bedroom by Vincent van Gogh, 1889

van gogh bedroom painting in real life


Based on his room in the French town of Arles, Van Gogh described his painting as an embodiment of tranquility and relaxation. Simple furniture and chipped paintwork brings a wabi-sabi perfectly imperfect look to the room. In the lifelike render, natural light from the window is emphasised, as well as the hanging mirror and contrasting shades on the doors, which produce a more spacious feel.


2. The Sun Shine on the Corner by Grant Wood, 1928


sunshine on the corner painting real life version before and after


American painter Grant Wood was made famous through his 'American Gothic' painting, which depicts a wooden Iowa home and its farming couple homeowners. Another painting of his, 'The Sun Shine on The Corner' is slightly less grim, but still retains a touch of the same rural melancholy. Grant kept the palette limited to just two colours – white of the flowers, walls, fixtures and fittings, and the natural green of the lively plants.



3. Interior by Konstantin Korovin, 1913


interior by konstantin korovin painting vs real life


Sporting bare wooden log walls, the rustic style dining room screams function over form. 


4. Interior with restful paintings by Roy Lichtenstein, 1991


lichtenstein painting vs real life


Filled with his signature stripes and dots, pop art pioneer Roy Lichtenstein's 2D take on a living room is meant to evoke the flatness of a comic strip. In the 3D rendition, the designers made the living room feel more restful by placing more realistic-looking decor as well as two vintage Lichtenstein paintings on the wall. The rug's weave and upholstery, as well as the geometric texture of the lamp manage to replicate the artist's 2D painting in a more lifelike three-dimensional form.


5. Empress Alexandra Feodorovna's Sitting Room by Eduard Petrovich Hau, 1835


sitting room drawing vs real life


Richly decorated with stained glass as well as the gothic-style chandelier and screens, Hau's watercolour piece of this room looks rather posh and luxurious. Besides that, the painting itself seems almost photorealisitic in style!


6. Interior (My Dining Room) by Wassily Kadinsky, 1909


kadinsky painting vs real life


As shown in his painting, abstract art pioneer Wassily Kandinsky preferred using colours and shapes more of as 'visual music' of some sorts, rather than a representation of concrete objects. His choice of colours was rather subjective, but under all the layers is a surprisingly homey and welcoming dining room.


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