In Good Company at Jewel Changi Airport houses a gelato boutique!

This year's biggest mall opening that everyone has been eagerly anticipating is right around the corner – Jewel Changi opens this Wednesday, 17 April 2019. Right at the heart of the mall, you'll find a space filled with lush greenery, as well as a mesmerising indoor waterfall that stands at 40 metres tall. 


jewel changi airport waterfall


Apart from crowd-pleasing dining options like Shake Shack and A&W, Jewel Changi is also home to several retail stores including Zara, Adidas and Muji. Here's a video tour around one of their many retail shops, In Good Company!



The newest In Good Company branch at Jewel Changi Airport is their third and largest store yet. It features vibrant curved walls that were inspired by American artist Richard Serra's iconic curved sculptures. These walls help to guide customers through the store, rather than have them walk around aimlessly.


In Good Company Jewel Changi Airport store


Here, you'll find plenty of items from apparel and accessories, to lifestyle products like candles and artisanal chocolates. Even the little ones have clothes to try on!


in good company jewel changi airport lifestyle items


The folks behind In Good Company's visual merchandising displayed each necklace like a piece of art, adding an art gallery-esque look to the store.


In Good Company Jewel Changi Airport necklaces


And once you are all done with shopping, you can treat yourself to a bowl of creamy gelato from the popular gelato boutique, Birds of Paradise - it's placed right at the entrance of In Good Company! Flavours change from time to time, but you might find interesting flavours like Lemongrass Ginger, Spiced Pear and Masala Spice! If you're not a fan of these exotic flavours, you can settle for Hazelnut – it tastes just like Nutella, but without the chocolate.


in good company jewel changi birds of paradise