House Tour: A luxurious hotel-inspired contemporary-style semi-detached house

Homeowners Kevin Tham and Peggy Toh purchased this semi-detached property about seven years ago, but had it tenanted out as they were living in Hong Kong. Upon their return to Singapore, they embarked on a major renovation project that redefined the spaces — in order to create a family home tailored to their needs.

For Bu Shukun, the founder and design director of Architology Interiors, the design intent was to transform the rooms into proper family spaces and to sculpt a spatial sequence that flows through the entire house. The client’s brief was relatively functional and straightforward. “We wanted something that was Japanese minimalist, clean and contemporary,” says Kevin. Along with catering to what the clients wanted, Shukun incorporated elements that gave the home a touch of luxury reminiscent of that in six-star hotels. The result is an interesting juxtaposition of style and aesthetics.