11 homeware pieces to refresh the look at home

Your home should be comforting, cosy and beautiful space. Rearrange things in your house, such as sorting your accessories (throws, pillows, frames, bookends) by colour, and then rearranging them in the room in a more uniform or colourful manner. You can also try updating your old furniture, such as a dresser or chairs, by giving them a fresh and modern coat of paint — such as matte pink or tiffany blue. Another way is to get accessories. These easily replaceable pieces are a quick-fix way to switch up your interior style, breathing new life into your home. Check out our favourite cool pieces below for some design inspiration!

1. Alegro Table, S$49.90 from FortyTwo

A coffee table / side table is a great space to display potted plants, decorative ornaments or to place your cup of tea. If you are hankering after a marble table top but it’s beyond your budget, try this piece, which comes with copper-coloured legs and a plastic top that’s covered with marble grain. It has an air of modernity and sophistication, but is a steal at under $50.