Which household chore do Singaporeans hate most?



Household chores are a necessary yet frustrating part of our lives. There is a lot to do to keep your home spick and span, from organising your clothes to removing grime from the backsplash.

For our second episode of Insights, Outside, we approached folks on Orchard Road to find out which household chores people hate the most (and the least), as well as their own tips on acing these chores.

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A checklist keeps track of completed chores and ensure better time management.

Every room has its own concerns. For example, removing or preventing mould in the bathroom and keeping reorganising drawers and cabinets in the kitchen and bedroom. Come up with a list of chores you need to do every day, once every week, and once every month according to the different areas.

You will find this room-by-room checklist useful. Is the bathroom a particular problem area for you? Read this bathroom-specific cleaning guide. You should also know how to clean your tech gadgets correctly.

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Put away furniture and furnishings before starting so nothing gets in the way.

Doing chores is already annoying enough. You do not need dining seats, your cat food bowls, and books stacked on the floor to hinder your cleaning regime.

Gather all your tools in one area so they are easily accessible.

One way to do this is to gather all your tools such as the mop, broom, feather duster, sponges, and the various solutions in and around the common bathroom. This way, everything you need is at one spot.

Alternatively, or additionally, you can place necessary items such as a bucket of water, a rag, and cleaning solutions in a tiered trolley. Simply bring it around the house with you as you tackle one task at a time.

And ensure your stick vacuum cleaners are charged adequately before you start, too! You would not want it dying on you in the middle of cleaning.

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A good multi-purpose cleaner will save time and take up less storage space.

Instead of having a different solution for each area, try and find a multi-purpose cleaner. Often, you will find that natural cleaning agents like baking soda and lemon can do the job for most surfaces. However, you should still check for the best cleaning solutions for specific materials such as marble and wood.  

Find these chores unmanageable? Engage the help of online cleaning services!

Hiring part-time cleaners is the perfect solution for those who need a helping hand with the chores but do not want a live-in helper. Some of these apps and services can even clean your home while you are away on holiday!

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