Review: The Super X-Fi amp and its personalised audio holography service

The Creative Super X-Fi (SXFI) Amp takes surround sound to a whole new level. The game changer lies in the local brand’s personalised audio holography service – it involves the use a mapping technology to customise audio based on one’s head and ear shape. 

I tested this at the Creative office, where there was a cinema-esque, surround-sound, multi-speaker setup. Wearing headphones, I was told to toggle between SXFI and non-SXFI modes as a movie clip played– the idea being that the technology (via the amp) can make it seem like I’m experiencing the movie in the space without headphones. And indeed, when the audio was played, I did not immediately realise the sound was coming from the headphones. No wonder this amp has won 14 awards.

"Super X-Fi is a technology that reproduces the soundstage of a set of speakers for headphones. Super X-Fi leverages complex algorithms and computationally intensive techniques to custom fit audio, for every individual, through a sophisticated Head and Ear-Mapping process. For the end-user, it’s as easy as taking pictures of the ears and head. The end result is personalised sound, just for you," says Eugene Chong of Creative Technology.

Currently, the amp is suitable only for Android systems; iOS users need to “map” their head and ear profile on an Android phone, then use an after-market AppleCamera adapter and a USB A-to-C adapter.


Alternatively, both Android and non-Android users can opt for the wireless Creative SXFI Air headphones, which has a built-in SXFI chip. Both definitely offer a better cinematic experience over regular headphones.

More information on www.sg.sxfi.com. Find the Creative Super X-Fi Amp ($199) at Popular bookstores and SXFI AIR ($219) at Challenger.