8 best places to get durians in Singapore

Sure, the durian is a fruit that’s definitely a hit-or-miss with most people. There are those who simply cannot bear its overwhelming, pungent scent, while there others who are head-over-heels in love with its deep, complex flavour profile and creamy texture. But since you’ve ventured onto this list of great durian stalls in Singapore, we reckon that you’re part of the latter.

As any durian enthusiast would know, the most important part of enjoying a durian is scoring a high-quality fruit that hits all the right spots — rich, creamy, slightly sweet, slightly bitter…we’re salivating already. And that is no easy feat – after all, the flesh of the King of Fruits is hidden under a thick and spiky husk, and there are sellers who may be less than honest about the quality and quantity of their goods. Wondering where you’d be able to get a sure-shiok durian?

Below, we’ve rounded up eight such places that durian lovers would enjoy frequenting.