What colours should you paint your study room?

Colour can unknowingly have an impact on our mood and behaviour. With the exam period approaching in August, a well-designed environment can encourage better concentration, memory and overall academic performance. Whether it’s a cheery yellow or rejuvenating green, here are a few tips to revamp your study for enhanced learning.

1. Red

It’s been said that simply being in the presence of red increases concentration and awareness. In fact, studies of college students revealed that their reaction speed increased by 12% when they were in a room lit with red light. In another experiment, people performing tasks with words or images on a red background did better on tests of recall and attention to detail.

So, can a red study room help you work harder or be more productive? No one can say for certain but painting your room in stimulating shades of red can’t hurt.

If you think this shade is too loud or intimidating for you, using red as accents in the room, such as on wall trimmings, or having a bright red accessory - think your cup, pillow, or carpet - will do the trick. We suggest Dulux’s French Stripe Red to get started.