House Tour: This Mandalay Road apartment uses clever designs that maximise its bay windows

Bay windows are a welcome feature in homes, because they brighten the interior with of the surroundings. However, when almost the entire perimeter of the home is surrounded by bay windows, the lack of usable wall space becomes an issue.

That was exactly 
the problem faced by homeowners Boris Tolesnik and Carolyn Tham-Tolesnik, and figuring out a solution to it was one of the key considerations in their brief to Lawrence Puah, design director of Akihaus Design Studio. “Bay windows lined the entire apartment - from the entrance to the living room, the bedrooms, and even the kitchen. So, one
of our main design focus was to incorporate interior elements such as consoles, storage, counters, study desk and even a bed over the bay window ledges in order to reclaim precious real estate,” says Lawrence.