Donate your old bedsheets to homegrown brand Sunday Bedding

Image: Sunday Bedding

Here's something to do in August. Homegrown bedding label, Sunday Bedding, is holding a month-long pop-up. The objective? To collect old bedsheets. 

Sunday Bedding is collecting old bedsheets as they will be exploring ways to upcycle them into products such as cushion covers. The sustainable bedsheet brand has 100 per cent ownership over their factories; not only are they committed to eco-friendly practices, they also offer full transparency over their employee’s working conditions.  

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1) You help reduce textile waste. A portion of the donated linens will be repurposed into industrial cloth in partnership with GreenSquare.

2) You are contributing to Sunday Bedding's efforts for their upcycling initiative. By supporting a sustainable brand, you are increasing demand and therefore making it easier for others to purchase eco-friendly products in the future. 

3) You are decluttering. No need to think about what to do with your old bedsheets; Sunday Bedding will take care of that for you! 

4) You will be rewarded. Customers who bring in their old bed linen from any brand will enjoy a 10 per cent discount off all Sunday Bedding products. 

Co-founder Alex Fan shares, “We believe that textile brands should offer more than just lower price but understand its impact on the environment and what steps they can take to contribute to a more sustainable textiles economy.”  

Image: Sunday Bedding


90 per cent of textiles production in polyester and cotton. The cultivation of cotton alone requires 200,000 tonnes of pesticides and 8 million tonnes of fertilisers! Sunday Bedding’s goal is to shift the consumer demand towards alternative fabrics such as bamboo and linen. 

Sunday Bedding’s factories have incorporated yearly sustainable management targets across electricity, oil, coal, carbon emissions and water. Since 2017, they have reduced oil, coal and carbon emission by 7-8% every year, and electricity and water consumption by 10-14% yearly. The factories are STANDARD 100 by OEKO TEX certified, which means that no harmful chemicals have been used in the production of their textiles.

Sunday Bedding will be holding pop-up at the The Social Space at Marina One from 4  August – 2 September.  The public can register to attend the pop-up here.