Home first aid kit: 10 must-have items

A well-stocked first aid kit is a necessity in every home. Usually, a first aid kit includes a variety of supplies that can help you to respond quickly to emergencies, and should enable you to treat cuts, scrapes, burns and other injuries. It can also help reduce the risk of infection or mitigate the severity of an injury.

While the kit should be kept in easy reach, it should be kept away from children and the supplies should be regularly checked to see if they need to be replaced or have expired. Not sure what to include in your home first aid kit? Here are 10 essential supplies.

1. Thermometer

A first-aid kit should include a thermometer to measure body temperature, for those times when you feel feverish. An oral digital thermometer is probably the best choice, but avoid sharing it with your family members. There are also ear thermometers and no-touch forehead thermometers, but these are also more expensive.