House Tour: Vintage furniture and a stainless steel kitchen in this apartment in Little India

Having dated around Little India before moving to Sydney over a decade ago, when this couple returned to Singapore it was an intuitive choice to buy an apartment in that area. Though they liked its quaintness, the 750sq ft apartment they picked was dark, with too many walls that they wanted to tear down.

With just the two of them residing in the house, they only needed one bedroom, which was previously two smaller rooms. Instead of a solid wall separating the bedroom and the living room, they opted for sliding safety glass windows. ''This way, the light from the bedroom can spill into the living room,'' says Ping Tay, who appointed Mikael The of Monocot Studio to design her apartment.

In the latter, a series of shelves have been installed on the walls, to display the couple's collection of books, pre-loved toys and mementos from their time in Sydney.