6 iconic black-and-white interior designs we love

A Modern Industrial Library

The black and white look has been interpreted with out-ofthe- ordinary materials. Instead of tiles, black epoxy flooring was chosen. The uninterrupted surface creates a unique sheen that gives a lighter presence in the home. Designed for a bachelor who is passionate about books and reading – he doesn’t have a television at home – the library is the highlight of the home.

The main idea was also to keep the focus on the bookshelves and lounge chair in the middle of the space. To achieve that, the design team at Three-D Conceptwerke selected fixtures such as track lighting and ceiling fan in white. Industrial touches were added by way of metallic fixtures.

Dess Chew says: “Black and white are very versatile colours and are timeless, no matter what design style or trend you might choose. Homeowners can inject personality into the home by making use of different materials and patterns to express this colour combination. It could be experimenting with different tile patterns, such as monochrome Peranakan tiles or geometric patterns. For example, in this case, using black epoxy paint instead of the more common cement screed flooring or black tiles.”

(Photo: Three-D Conceptwerke)

Written by Rossara Jamil