The Wi-Fi Porter gives guests your home Wi-Fi password so you never have to bother with that ever again

With temperatures soaring and hitting an all-time high recently, and amid growing concern over the need to reduce our carbon footprint, it’s no wonder that people are preferring to stay within the comfort of their home.

However staying in doesn’t have to mean leading the life of a recluse, as house parties and intimate home gatherings are becoming the trend here on the little red dot. Perhaps it is also a sign of us experiencing urban burnout – people becoming increasingly apathetic to the bombardment of new places to check out, or to social media telling us where we should be seen next.

Too much of a good thing can be bad, because when there seems to be too many new eateries and entertainment spots vying for your attention in the city, the best decision may be to stay put and let the party come to you instead.

And it seems homeowners here are becoming adept hosts of their own soirees. Not only does playing host give them the opportunity to dress up and show off their beautiful domain, it also offers them the ultimate control over the guest list, as well as choice of food, beverage and music. More importantly, cosy get-togethers also result in more meaningful interaction, as there’s no need to constantly talk over background noise in order to maintain a conversation.

“How does this differ from the dinner parties our parents used to have,” you may ask. One of the biggest differences would be the presence of Internet connectivity. Any thoughtful host will tell you that the most frequently asked question among guests now is this: “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” It is absolutely essential that your visitors have ready access to free Internet connectivity, in order for them to document and share with their friends the fun that they are having.

With this in mind, Ten One Design, an intrepid start-up in the United States, developed a nifty little home accessory to save homeowners the trouble of having to repeat the Wi-Fi password every time a visitor arrives. Simply dubbed the Wi-Fi Porter (https://tenonedesign.com/ porter.php), this namecard-sized panel doesn’t require batteries or charging, and setting it up to the Wi-Fi is a cinch. It can be placed in the centre of the table, or by the doorway. To get connected, guests need only tap their mobile devices lightly on it. For older iPhone models, just point the camera to the QR code on the back of the device.

While the price of $50 may be somewhat off-putting for those who are content to scribble their passwords across the wall or onto a piece of Post- It stuck to the table, gracious hosts with uncompromising style will definitely stand to benefit from the sleek look of this device sitting handsomely on the tabletop, complementing a beautifully laid spread and charming floral centrepiece. No doubt it will certainly become a conversation starter – and help your party get off to a great start.

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