New hotels to stay in when you visit Japan - Muji Hotel Ginza, Aman Kyoto and more

Heading to Japan soon? Here are three new hotels to check out if you’re visiting Tokyo, Kyoto or Nasu.

1) Muji Hotel Ginza

Retail giant Muji brings its famous anti-brand ethos to life with the new Muji Hotel Ginza, an oasis of zen-like calm (after shopping hours, anyway) in Tokyo's glitzy shopping district. It's the pride of Muji's 10-storey flagship which encompasses retail, F & B and accommodation, making it a mega-destination for a global army of fans, dubbed 'Mujirers.'

Muji's much-touted philosophy of restraint and simplicity, or 'design by subtraction', extends to its 79-room hotel, perched on the top four floors. As might be expected, the design aesthetic (expertly executed by design partner UDS) is upscale contemporary, with interiors featuring liberal amounts of wood, stone and earth tones. The sixth-floor lobby is characterised by hardwood floors, a simple reception counter and a slate grey wall made from vintage train-track stones. Adjoining the lobby is an open bar, library and gallery space. Escalators lead down to the rather impressive retail space, best described as Muji to the Max.