Gatehall: This winery in China is also an art gallery and cultural centre

Up until recently, wine tourism has mostly revolved around destinations such as Napa Valley in the US, Bordeaux in France, Veneto in Italy, and Barossa Valley in Australia. Now, thanks to architect Qingyun Ma, China is making its mark as a wine-producing nation as well. We are, of course, referring to the mountainous terrain of Jade Valley in the city of Xi’an, which he has spent the last 15 years transforming from a rural farmland, and the homeland of his parents, into the wine destination named Jade Valley Winery that produces what Ma says is arguably the most respected wine in China.

However, the vineyard is just a fraction of Ma’s vision. He sees Jade Valley as the gateway to Chinese culture and tourism, which would improve the region’s socio-economic conditions, and he has achieved this by combining wine, art, architecture, and culture in Gatehall, his latest installation.