8 low-maintenance plants for a stylish work desk

Feelings of restlessness and unproductivity at work abound in today’s generation. More often than not, sitting in front of a computer from 9am to 6pm, five days a week, can be extremely taxing, draining all your creative juices and motivation. Here’s where plants enter the picture – studies have shown that office landscaping can bring great benefits to the office environment, improving productivity and satisfaction on the job.

Not only can plants remove toxins from the air, they can also increase moisture and purity in the air and add a stylish focal point to your work environment. If you’re looking for plants to spruce up your office space, we’ve rounded up eight low-maintenance plants that are great for your work desk – that is to say, your office plant would still thrive, even if you’re don’t have green thumbs. Requiring only minimal care, these plants are sure to stay for a long time.