Air taxi and motion-sensor timer among winners at Red Dot Awards

Ever fantasised of getting to your destination in a flying taxi? Well, it may not be as far-fetched as you might think. German company Lilium is currently testing out its Lilium Jet, an all-electric aircraft capable of transporting five passengers and can travel 300km in just an hour on a single charge. It takes off and lands vertically, thanks to 36 tilting jet engines spread across two sets of wings. Eventually, it will be capable of flying autonomously.

For their efforts, Lilium beat over 4000 entries to be awarded the top prize, the Red Dot: Luminary at this year’s Red Dot Award: Design Concept competition.

It is the largest and most recognised professional design competition for design concepts and prototypes worldwide, accepting entries from companies to design students.

On the Lilium Jet, Red Dot juror Professor Lutz Fügener says, “One of the best solutions ever seen is the project’s use of energy. What they brought together is the usability of the helicopter and the flying behaviour of an airplane. As a product of the future, this brings confidence into a new market of transportation design.”


by Lilium, Germany

Forget having to deal with Grab drivers that cancel on you or take too long to appear. The Lilium Jet is the air taxi of the future. Forget runways, the all-electric Lilium takes off and lands vertically right on your doorstep. Just like how you book a cab through an app, the company plans to operate the Lilium Jet as an app-based mobility solution that is affordable, environmentally-friendly and available on-demand.