Style your home to create a laid-back, textural look this Christmas

Tired of the traditional red and green festive decor? Be inspired by the refreshing beach-chic style to give your home a fresh new look this season.

Instead of the frumpy and formal Christmas styling, consider creating a sultry and laid-back atmosphere with decorative accents in natural textures and warm, earthy colours. This absolutely casual and quirky look is especially ideal for homes along the waterfront, with salty breezes blowing through, adding to the charm of this alternative to the usual Scandi style.

On shelf, from top left: Pendant lamp shade, 100 cm, $9.90; from IKEA. Vintage suitcase, $250; Cat sculpture, $110; all from Egg3. Black indoor LED lighting chain with 24 lights, $59, from IKEA. Rattan glass, $5; Rattan pitcher, $28, all from Danovel. Rattan basket with handle, $100, from Living DNA.

From bottom left: Brown rattan basket, $100, from Living DNA. Checked scarf, $69; Hat, $69; Wooden box, $195; Orange box, $89; all from Egg3.

On wall from top: Brown knitted bag, $48; Button knob, $25; Rattan basket, $35; all from Egg3.

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