Designing your own home? 6 Singapore homeowners share their top tips

If you're planning to design your own space, there's no one better to ask for advice from than those who've been there and done that. We glean tips from these Singapore homeowners who took a hands-on approach when it came to creating their dream home.

"Less is more! Often it seems people make the mistake of trying to include too many elements into one home. In fact, it is more challenging to design a simple home, than it is to design one with all sorts of features.

Create mood boards to help you get an idea of the textures, colours and materials you prefer. In addition, think carefully about your lifestyle."

Helan Marjan and Rafi Marjan's three-storey terraced house was inspired by modern house designs in Tokyo, with polished concrete, natural wood accents, open staircases and clean white walls.