Home tips: How to soundproof your windows

soundproof windows drapes

How to soundproof your windows:

Soundproofing your bedroom windows will be costly but worth it. Standard windows have a single pane of glass, so noise and light can pass through it. You need to install double-glazed windows (i.e with two panes of glass), which effectively trap sound in the vacuum or empty space between the two panes. Top-quality double-glazed windows also have a good sealant all around the glass and rubber flanges edging the window frames. This ensure there are absolutely no gaps anywhere, and hence noise cannot filter through.

A low-cost, although less effective, way to soundproof windows is to hang heavy, full drapes with a velvety texture. The curtains should hang from ceiling to floor and be lined to fall well. The thick, velvety fabric traps and deadens noise in the multiple folds.