House Tour: Bright and cheerful without being overbearing

Entering this home, the brightly coloured elements instantly pick you up. Yet, the warm tones from the wood-like laminate and darker shades of furniture in the living room keep it cosy. See how Minimo and Minimology find that balance and still showcase the best of both worlds.

The dark brown sofa complements well with the grey carpet and industrial-style coffee table in the living area. The TV console has storage spaces for the homeowner's book collection, which also adds splashes of colours to the wood-like laminate on the wall.

The wall between the living area and kitchen was replaced with black framed glass design, creating the illusion of a bigger space. The homeowner can also peek into the living room or watch television while preparing meals in the kitchen!

Wood-like laminate and white cabinets blend well and effectively segment the spaces in the kitchen. Additional shelvings are mounted from the ceiling and add storage space for kitchen ware and utensils.

The colourful and interestingly-shaped dining chairs add a quirky edge to the dining space. Pendant lamps which are hung at varying heights also adds visual elements of design.

The headboard has a ledge that allows the homeowner to display ornaments, photographs and art pieces. A pattern-designed carpet adds some fun into the space too!

Wall concealed cistern used in the bathroom gives the space a sleek and clean look, while wood-like laminated cabinet and a black countertop keeps the design looking elegant.

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