4 quick fixes to declutter your home

Clearing out weeks, months, and even years of clutter is a pain, so here are some useful quick-fixes.

With these easy tips to try, along with some storage advice from April Kwan, the regional interior design leader of IKEA Singapore, tidying up can be easier than you think. Do it in 30 minutes or less!  

Throw out everything you don’t need, and store rarely-used items in your luggage!
Consider this the preparatory work to do, to make your spring cleaning more manageable. More things lying around in your room means more things to pack, right? Keep seldom used objects like wide-brim holiday hats and winter clothing in neat boxes stowed away within the storeroom. You can also dedicate a piece of luggage or two to store those coats for your snowy vacations, since the only time you’ll wear them will be on your next snowy vacation!

Ikea TRONES shoe cabinet, 5 steps to decluttering your home for Chinese New Year

(Image: IKEA)

Get a new shelving unit, if needed
If your room is overcrowded with new shoes, why not cave in and get more space for these? Instead of keeping them in individual shoe boxes, get a proper shoe cabinet that can be adhered onto your wall. This new storage space can also store other belongings, when you finally get to clearing out the old, worn-out footwear that you’re likely never to wear again.

IKEA bathroom GODMORGON box with lid, 5 steps to decluttering your home for Chinese New Year

(Image: IKEA)

Buy (more) storage boxes and labels
Before you start on packing proper, stock up on more storage boxes to help organise your home. You can colour-code and label different boxes for your gadgets, books, stationery and other items that might otherwise lie around in your room. Plastic boxes (image above) can make each compartment more organised; this extends to your bathroom too! 

Storing your precious belongings in foldable boxes will also help keep the dust away, advises April; pick foldable or stackable boxes so that you can store them away when you no longer need them. For storing smaller objects like jewellery and makeup, you’ll find plastic boxes in assorted sizes extra useful.

And if you have half-a-day to clean up (or just focused 30 mins)...

Ikea KIVIK footstool, 5 steps to decluttering your home for Chinese New Year

(image: IKEA)

Box everything up (and hide them under your bed or in the storeroom)
It is as straightforward as that, if you really need that timely reminder. Instead of hanging more items behind your bedroom door or leaving them on the table, why not store the frequently-used items in storage cases, then hide these under your bed? Your belongings will be within easy reach, while staying out of sight, says April.

Handy multi-functional stools like this can serve as a storage box, which you can keep with ease under your bed. You can also look for unused shoe boxes as a quick-fix storage solution for small items. Don’t forget the other miscellaneous boxes that you may have lying around your house or storeroom, like the cartons from mandarin oranges you bought for Lunar New Year visits; these can help in that impromptu cleanup.

This article was first published on the Simply Her website.