Check out Supermama's flagship store at Beach Road

Local design studio Supermama, known for their Singapore culture-inspired plates and accessories, has officially launched their flagship store at 265 Beach Road. Here's what it looks like!

A clean and minimalist look. A section of this gallery shop features gravel flooring.

Find washi tapes, photographs, and even spectacle frames here.

Supermama's first collection, Singapore Icons, is a series of affordable porcelain pieces was awarded the President's Design Award - Design of the year in 2013. The series, and others, is displayed in its full glory here!

Supermama works closely with many design/art studios in Singapore and traditional craft facilities in Japan to produce meaningful “omiyage/ お土産 ” (contemporary giftware) that represents the Singapore culture. 

Founder Edwin Low, standing in front of a wall clad with butterfly tiles from Toki City.

Using culture as a context to design, Supermama delves into the fine line between cultural artefacts, everyday objects and the concept of basic luxury – that everyone can own a piece of heritage.