House Tour: A colourful and artistic HDB flat in Sengkang

A true reflection of the homeowners' perky personality, this home - a four-room HDB flat in Sengkang - balances bursts of colour with a clean, white base.

The homeowner is freelance artist New Nyew, who grew up with the influence of using vibrant colours as her mum was a Chinese opera singer and made her own costumes with daring colour choices. She designed the home herself.

Against the stark white background of the home is an entire spectrum of colour - golden yellow, lemon yellow, mint green, pink, red, lime green, forest green, purple and lavender grey. The hues she like are represented in stripes, polka dots, typefaces and even on switchplates.

In keeping with the colour blocking trend, bold blocks of lime green, red and yellow contrast with the green felt of the pool table.


Colours with colour-coded time zones are a conversation starter in the kitchen.


The black tiles make a good backdrop for the gold-mirrored frame and mosaic tiles.