7 ice cube trays to make your drink cooler

1. Blocks of ice cubes are very normal, but how about ball-shaped ice cubes?

Silicon ice mould, $13.90, from Muji

2. Have you seen anchors that stay afloat?

Anchor ice tray, $29, from Tovolo

3. Simple ice cube shapes can also make your drink a little less boring!

Ice cube tray, $1.90, from Ikea

4. Shaped in four different vehicles, it will be amazing to have these in kids' party!

Vehicle ice cube tray, $12.90. from ToTT

5. Make your ice cubes animalistic!

Animal ice cube tray, $12.50, from ToTT


6. Watch your merlion ice cubes swim!

Merlion ice cube tray, $19.90, from Hipvan

7. Will Titanic sink once more?

Titanic ice cube mould, $7.90, from Shoppy