House Tour: Eclectic four-bedroom apartment with styles, colours, patterns and textures

This eclectic four-bedroom apartment in Tanglin area is home to a family with four young children.

The chic and refined abode is crammed with the things the homeowners love, from vintage collectibles to luxury furnishings and objets d'art.

The idea, says Gracinha Viterbo from Viterbo Interior Design, was to curate the items so nothing would look out of place, while conceptualising a space where the kids could play, run and live.

An emerald green leopard rug by Diane von Furstenberg was layered on top of a rough raffia one to add texture to the TV area. Cushions custom-made with vintage fabrics evoke a sense of luxury.

The sides of the wood and white lacquered cabinet are angled inwards, making it look less boxy.

The Hermes wallpaper in twillight blue sets the mood for the master bedroom. The unfinished wood headboard in an orange diamond pattern injects colour and vibrancy, so the space doesn't seem too dark.