What to look out for when choosing a property agent

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How do you know if your property agent is right for you? Well, he must have your interests at heart, for sure! But, he should also be:


Even if you do not know much about the property market or what kind of house you wish to buy, a good agent should be able to clear your doubts and guide you in the right direction.

Mr Chua said: “A good agent must be well-versed in market data and knowledge. He or she should listen and understand your needs before proposing a solution. You must also feel they are willing to help you find the best suitable home for you even if it takes a longer time.

“They must also regularly update you on the negotiation processes, updates and give you well thought out advice.”


Not every agent will understand what you are looking for, give you the right advice or best service. It is perfectly acceptable to switch agents if you feel that someone else can serve you better.

Mr Chua said you should get a new agent if he or she cannot fulfil your requests, is dishonest, lazy or deliberately withholding information from you.

Buying a home is a huge transaction. You need someone who puts in effort to help you get the best buy.


Your relationship with your agent needs to be a positive one where they are interested in what you want and need.

On the first meeting, your agent should have a list of questions to ask you. Expect questions on your purpose for buying a property, your budget, whether you intend to live in it or rent it out.

Such questions indicate your property agent wants to help you find a property suited to your needs.


If your property has not been sold within the first four weeks, ask what will your agent do?

Mr Tan said: “Most agents will sign an Exclusive for Marketing Rights for at least three months. But statistics indicate that your property will receive only half as much interest after three or four weeks on the market, compared to weeks one and two. It is imperative that your estate agent has a long-term sales plan and will actively keep your property ‘fresh’, rather than allowing it to stagnate.


Mr Tan said: “Ask what kind of information they will be including in the marketing fact sheet. Assess whether the agent has noticed your property’s unique selling points. It can also give a good indication of the agent’s marketing skills.”

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