Hotel Vagabond - A plush and cosy boutique hotel with dramatic decor

Photo: Hotel Vagabond

The interiors of Hotel Vagabond stand out. Its life-size wildlife sculptures in gold are set off by a plush velvety red interior, conjuring an opulent, almost decadent ambience the moment you step into the lobby. A gold monkey looks over the hotel’s bar and two captive elephants appear to be holding up the elevator in the hotel lobby, known as The Salon.


Photo: Hotel Vagabond

The hotel, which opened in September last year, is housed in a heritage building. The word vagabond brings to mind an idea of exploration and a thirst for new experiences, which is what founder Satinder Garcha wanted to create for his guests.

To achieve this vision, he engaged famed French designer Jacques Garcia to design the establishment’s interiors. Jacques is also known for designing Hotel Costes in Paris and Nomad in New York.

Photo: Hotel Vagabond

Garcia’s vivid imagination spawned the presence of a menagerie of ‘animals’, some of which were custom-made by Frenchman Frank Le Ray, one of Jacques’ favourite artists. There is also a golden brass banyan tree in The Salon and a rhinoceros that serves as an unconventional reception desk – both constructed by the Allah Buksh family in Rajasthan, India, who have been making armoury for Rajasthan royalty for generations.


Photo: Hotel Vagabond

Jacques also introduced baroque-style furniture, and vintage-looking floral fabric in the guest rooms. Framed artworks adorn almost every wall of the hotel, from the lobby area and bar, all the way up to the individual rooms. This alludes to Satinder’s passion for collecting art – the owner chose all the pieces himself.


Photo: Hotel Vagabond

There might be high drama in the entrance area, but the rooms in the hotel are dressed in a lighter colour scheme and have a more cosy atmosphere, featuring plush goose-down pillows and silky-smooth Egyptian cotton sheets. Among the pieces of art on the walls are Satinder’s own family pictures, personally selected by the owner himself. He believes that having these images in the rooms further enhances the feeling of home for his guests.


Hotel Vagabond is at 39 Syed Alwi Road, tel: 6291-6677, www.hotelvagabondsingapore.com