House Tour: An edgy and minimalist two-storey one-bedroom condo unit

Anne Goh, homeowner of this two-storey shoebox unit, preferred something dark and edgy, but also love museums and art. "My home has to have a bit of both,” says Anne. She finally decided to engage Distinctidentity for the job, after discussing the concept with one of their designers.  

Anne didn’t want mainstream design, and deliberately chose a sofa in bold red for contrast with her grey-toned living room. Cushions and yellow table from Make Room

The walk-in closet in the original layout was extremely small, so the designer tore down its walls and extended the space. A full height glass divider with black frames now separates the bedroom space from the closet. Painting from Ode to Art.

Unlike her living room, Anne’s bedroom has a darker, cosier feel. She also chose an atypical round mattress, which she bought from Sleeppost. 

The designer says the L-shaped kitchen countertop helps marks out the kitchen, without obstructing the walking space. Accessories on shelf and table cloth from Make Room, kitchen flower rug from Journey East

Renovation cost amounted to $28,000.