House Tours: Landed properties to see!

(Design: White Corporate)

Living in a landed property comes with the perks of having more space, more outdoor areas; and opens up a whole new world of possibilities for design. 

In our April issue, we dedicated a showcase of houses to show you what your dream abode could look like, and tell you more about the firms which designed them – we hope you find inspiration for your own home, landed or not, from the ideas. 

See designs of eight unique houses across Singapore, done by six interior designers!

Here's a preview:

1) Four-storey semi-detached house off Upper Thomson Road

(Design: Black N White House)


2) Two-and-a-half-storey intermediate terrace at Grove Crescent

(Design: Collective Designs)


3) Three-storey terrace in Bukit Batok

(Design: D'Marvel Scale)

4) Two-storey semi-detached house at Sunset Way

(Design: Renaissance Planners and Designers)


5) Three-storey corner terrace in Jalan Angin Laut

(Design: Rezt & Relax Interior)


6) Four-storey bungalow on Palm Drive

(Design: White Corporate)

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