Review: Kenwood BM-250 Bread Maker

How does a freshly-baked loaf of bread, every morning before work, sound? We test out the KENWOOD BM-250 bread maker!

$199, from major electrical stores 
Features: 12 preset functions; makes 500g, 750g and 1kg loaves.

This dough hook was the only one that stayed firmly in the machine when I tugged the bread out. The base of the loaves still tore a little but I could live with this; in comparison, I ended up ripping apart the bread made in the other two machines while trying to dig the hooks out.

The control panel was fairly easy to navigate, but the button icons were not clear – I mistook the larger Rapid-bake button for the Start button, resulting in a denser loaf the first time round.

The hard crust was brown below but pale at the top. The top of the loaf was cracked, and a layer of crust stuck along the sides of the pan. While the inside was cooked, the bread was a little too moist.

This fared better. The bread was browned on all sides, although the top was a little pasty. It had air pockets scattered about, although the bread was a little stodgy. 

My favourite of the lot – it had bits of strawberry in it, and a mild tang from the lemon juice I used.

7.5/10. Makes better jam than bread. 

This article was first published in Simply Her September 2015.