Japanese furniture retailer Actus returns to Singapore

Shopaholic couple Andrew Tan and Mitsuko Murano, who are behind lifestyle store Atomi, is bringing back Japanese furniture retailer Actus. The deal was signed two weeks ago, and is predicted to at least double Atomi's revenue, which is estimated at slightly more than $1 million. 

Actus was in operation in Singapore, where it was a brand name, for about 17 years. It closed in 2002 amid rising competition in the retail sector. Actus will join the other 30 labels under Atomi, including Maruni, a leading 88-year-old Japanese furniture brand.

(image: Actus Own F Sideboard)

Atomi has expanded from its original 35 sq m to occupy an additional 55.3 sq m space next door in Mandarin Gallery. It started out in 2009 selling lifestyle items, adding furniture to its offerings a year later.

(image: Actus Bolton Bed)

The following year, in 2011, it launched a consulting arm whose clients include the Japan External Trade Organisation, known as Jetro, which promotes trade and investment between Japan and other countries.

"We wanted to bring in things that we like, after so many years of shopping in Japan. The products have craftsmanship, heritage and a high level of sophistication," says Mr Tan, a former management consultant.

(image: Actus Cocoon System Sofa)

These items included ceramic tableware and linen, which found a place on atomi's shelves when the couple, both 39, founded the lifestyle boutique with $150,000 of their savings.

This article was first published on Straits Times.