Where to go to customise a sofa?

(Photo: Blafink)

Where can you find unique furniture for your home?

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can build your ideal sofa with Blafink's new online customisation service.

The Singapore craft shop and sofa design specialist, which started in January last year, allows homeowners to choose the type of sofa they want, be it an L-shaped configuration or a three-seater.

They can also pick the back height, the number of back cushions, the width of the armrest and different leg heights, for example.

While prices depend on the level of customisation, designing a two-seater sofa starts from $980 and a three-seater sofa, from $1,590.

The most expensive sofa Blafink has customised is a $6,500 sectional set fitted with premium fabric.

Blafink also sells contemporary-style furniture such as side tables, armchairs and benches. These can be customised to some extent. Prices range between $99 for cushions and $2,300 for a dining table.

Go to www.blafink.com

(Adapted from The Straits Times)