Frying pan teaches you to cook and prevents overcooking

Are you a kitchen newbie? Have you been undercooking or overcooking your meals? This pan will make you a better cook.

The Pantelligent smart frying pan is like an invisible assistant. It not only tells you how to prepare food beforehand, the companion app even comes with recipe suggestions. In fact, the recipes will guide you step by step into creating the dish, going as far as giving you real time advice on when you should do something (like flipping the steak over).

Made out of solid die-cast aluminum, the frying pan is also embedded with sensors that transmit its temperature to the app in real time, allowing you to monitor your food to make sure it's cooking just as you intend it to. If the temperature gets too hot, the app will signal you and let you know so you can take actions to fix it.

(image: Pantelligent)

The sensors embedded in the pan not only tell you the pan's temperature, but they also measure the temperature of food you place on it, calculating the optimal cooking time and temperature so you'll never overcook or undercook anything ever again.

(image: Pantelligent)

You can order the Pantelligent smart frying pan from the pan's website, at a price of US$199.

A version of this article was first published on Hardware Zone.