How to make an all-white home look great!

1. The white subway-tile walls of this bathrooms are defined with black grouting.

white subway tiles
Design: Museum 


2. Contrast sleek white cabinets with decorative lighting such as a dramatic chandelier for a touch of the unexpected!

Design Intervention kitchen
Design: Design Intervention


3. Create dimension by layering - as seen in this white metal screen laid over a white surface. 

white metal screen
Design: Spacedge 


4. Combine textured surfaces with plain ones. Simple moulding details also help break the monotony of the flat planes.

white living room
Design: Distinctidentity 


5. The designer cleverly used white 3D letters to make the quote on the white wall pop, yet remain subtle.

white bedroom wall
Design: Space Sense


6. Get away with an ornate fireplace in your living room - by making it all-white!

Cottage Crafts white fireplace
Design: The Cottage Crafts


7. Finally, the minimalist way to do white-on-white - you just need great proportions and uncluttered spaces.

Design: Jay Ang