Must-buys at Daiso IMM

We love Daiso. You'll find almost everything you need and things you didn't know you needed. To find out what Daiso's biggest store has to offer, Domenica and I (I'm Eliza, in case you didn't read the byline) made our way to IMM, Jurong. Here's what you can get for $2 each!

#1 Playmats in different textures and colours, from pink felt to cork. Ideal for pets and kids.
#2 Popsicle makers! The possibilities are endless with this; chocolate? Ice lemon tea? Coconut?
#3 Mickey Mouse-themed accessories, including this adorable rice paddle
#4 Toast stamps, with fun motifs and words - the kids will love it!
#5 Ceramic cups, from stone textures to sakura-themed ones
#6 Tenegui cloths in various prints. Bundle your cookies in these cute cloths!
#7 Vases of all sizes. We particularly like this one, which reminds us of an upside down Juicy Salif!
#8 Printed soap dispensers, because default bottles are U-G-L-Y
#9 This coin bank, which has an industrial edge to it
#10 Sleek and small stainless steel tongs; perfect for fruit slices and mini eclairs

Visit Daiso IMM at 2 Jurong East Street 21, 03-50.