Home tips: Top 10 tips for saving energy

Saving money is often a priority, but what if you could help conserve the environment by saving energy at the same time? Small changes can have a big impact — even doing just two or three things differently in your home each day will make a difference!

1. Draw the curtains or blinds during the day to screen off heat. If it is too dark, install sheer curtains, which will let light but not heat and glare in.

2. Use the fan to circulate the air, after turning off the air conditioning once your room is cool. Close doors of rooms you're not using, to keep cool air within the spaces you're using.

3. Air-dry your clothes. If you use the dryer, set the duration of the timer to 15 minutes less than your usual time. 

4. Use timers for your shower to reduce showering time and avoid wasting water.

5. Look out for high energy saving ratings (the more ticks on the Energy Label, the better) when you buy appliances — especially larger ones like fridges, washing machines and dryers.

6. Buy energy-saving light bulbs. They cost a little more, but last much longer, making them worth it in the long run.

7. Use lamps for lighting only where you need it, instead of the main overhead lights.

8. Turn up your air-con temperature by one or two degrees — this small shift makes a big difference in energy consumption. If your air-con unit has one, always select the ‘eco save’ or ‘econo’ option.

9. Turn off the power points when your appliances (such as toasters, blenders and DVD players) are not in use. Even having a "standby" light on or the LCD display lit up consumes a significant amount of energy.

10. Service your air-con units regularly, as underperforming units are inefficient and consume more energy.