Better than yours? We show you the homes of interior designers! (Part 1)

If you've ever wondered how interior designers have done up their own homes, satisfy your curiosity here!

1. House Tour: $100,000 dramatic three-room HDB flat you've got to see!
Interior designer New Nyew loves pushing the envelope when it comes to design - just look at her three-room HDB flat!

New Nyew


2. House Tour: Renovation for this interior designer's home cost $30,000!
Look out for the unique decor features of this apartment - the home of the boss of KNQ Associates.

KNQ Associates


3. House Tour: Supersized HDB flat
This I-can't-believe-it's-a-HDB-flat HDB flat by the founder of ICIA was one of our cover homes! Nuff said.



4. House Tour: An interior designer's revamped three-bedroom apartment
Vintage furniture is mixed in with contemporary designer pieces in the family home of JQ Ong of The Association.

JQ Ong The Association


5. House Tour: $300,000 renovation for this interior designer's four-bedroom condo home
Step into the cool sophisticated apartment that is the home of interior designer Sarah Tham of Cube Associate Design.

Sarah Tham Cube Associates