10 ways to speed clean with disposable wet wipes

Get more bang for your buck, and get your home spick and span in a jiffy, with these handy tips. All you need is a packet of disposable wet wipes!

Photo: Sergiy Kuzmin

1. Blot up stains on clothes, carpeting, or upholstery ─ they are particularly useful for microfibre couches.

2. Use them to give your living room a quick wipe down when the in-laws are coming by at short notice.

3. Keep your shoes in good shape by using wet wipes to remove grass or mud stains. You can also use wet wipes to shine leather shoes. 

4. Think upside-down. Wrap a sheet over your flat floor mop ─ such as the 3M Scotch-Brite Easy Sweeper Plus+ ─ use that to get rid of dust balls and spider webs on the ceiling.

5. Clean finger prints from photo frames, mirrors and clear glass tops.

6. Wet wipes are super handy for cleaning out hard-to-reach spots. Run them along your window blinds, pull them through slits in your dining chairs and window grills. 

7. Dust off car seats and the dashboard. 

8. Keep window panes and TV screens free of smudges and dust.

9. Give your fan blades, and those fiddly spaces between the grills, a thorough cleaning. 

10. Same goes for your air-conditioner vents.