Consider getting a digital lock if you need to give short-term access to people

Kevo digital lock
Photo: Kevo

My family includes an elderly mother and school-age kids, and I hire a part-time cleaner twice a week. I’m not comfortable making multiple keys, but each family member does need their own access. What are my options?

With smartphones so integral to our lives these days, why not use the same device to unlock your home? Just a touch of your hand on the Kevo Bluetooth Electronic Lock by Kwikset locks and unlocks your door, even if your phone is in your bag or pocket.

It works with all iPhone models, fifth-generation iPod Touch models, and third-generation or higher iPad/iPad mini models, but compatibility with Android devices is limited.

The lit-up ring around the keyhole (yes, it works with keys, too) indicates whether the deadbolt is locked or not. To give access to ad hoc users such as your cleaner or house guests, email them an eKey with limited access to your home. You can view the lock history to tell who has unlocked or locked the door and when.

It’s like giving out a spare key, and being able to limit access to a preferred time frame. Those who don’t own a smartphone can use a keychain fob for access, much like your smartphone.

“The Kevo can be installed by a locksmith or it can be a DIY job,” says Ekwin Chua from Spectrum Brands Singapore. Visit www.kevo-lock.sg for stockists.