3 easy steps to a boutique hotel-esque bedroom

What sets boutique hotels apart from luxury hotels, other than the former having fewer and smaller rooms, is their strong emphasis on design and individuality. Each bedroom usually has a different theme. For a unique boutique look in the bedroom, follow these easy steps!

Photo: Naumi Hotel

Follow a theme or mood

“A boutique hotel guestroom gives you a sense of escape from the daily grind,” says Colin Seah of Ministry Design, who designed the award-winning New Majestic Hotel. For a boutique hotel-esque bedroom, homeowners should aim towards “comfort, but with a strong visual presence”.

Ting Huong Tak, general manager of M Social echoes a similar sentiment: “Decide on a theme or mood, and use unique finishes and a variety of furnishing and fittings to tie it together. However, keep comfort and practicality in mind.”

Photo: M Social

Photo: New Majestic Hotel

Add one-of-a-kind features

Take a cue from M Social, the recently-launched design-led hotel (M Social is too big to be considered a boutique hotel though!) designed by Philippe Starck. Its rooms feature statement-making designs such as pitched roofs and concrete-finished walls, and also high padded headboards, printed carpets and plush leather sofas.

If you don’t want to commit to bold finishes and colours, Colin suggests instilling a sense of playfulness by displaying quirky travel finds, oversized plants, and artwork. Other elements such as platform beds and multi-purpose furniture – which is great for small spaces – will also work!

Photo: Naumi Hotel

Must-have: Statement pieces

You just need one attention-grabbing furniture or accessory item to achieve the desired look. Consider lounge-like or oversized furniture pieces that will not only create a lasting impression, but are comfortable and functional as well. How about an armchair upholstered in a loud print or colour, like the one pictured above?