This store sells pretty Peranakan-influenced home accessories!


The 2 Peas in a Pot is a store selling eye-catching home accessories in a myriad of styles, such as contemporary, eclectic, retro and even rustic. What caught our eye was their Peranakan-influenced designs. Here are some stuff you'd like:

1. Home accents

How to liven up a boring “white box”? Embrace the old-school! Pick out antique thermos flasks, enamelware, tiffin carriers, vintage radios and telephones to add pops of colour and personality around your space (Hint: These decor items will be great conversation starters at that housewarming party you want to throw). 


2. Kitchenware

Just because you need to cook in the kitchen doesn’t mean it can’t look cute. Stock up on 2 Peas in a Cool Pot’s quirky kettles, colourful colanders, adorable cake trays and charming ovenproof casserole dishes. You’ll want to whip up more dishes simply to show off these delightful pieces to guests.


3. Bathroom essentials 

You don’t need high-end accessories to give your bathroom a chic makeover. 2 Peas in a Pot carries an exclusive selection of posh, yet practical Peranakan-inspired bathroom accents such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders, tissue box covers, liquid soap dispensers and his and her mugs. Get ready for friends’ oohs and ahhs.

This was first published on The Finder.