A gadget to turn home food waste into compost, and other eco-friendly products!

Smart Cara S$599, from Ecoponics

Rather than throw food waste down the drain, the Smart Cara allows households to turn food waste into reusable compost through a combination of processes such as heating, dehydration and grinding. The made-in-Korea gadget, which is compact enough to fit on countertops, is able to convert all types of food waste, either in cooked or raw form, into compost. "There is no sorting needed, and as it comes with a built-in carbon filter, the whole process is odourless," says Ivan Sei, chief executive of Ecoponics, the local sole distributor. The portable machine holds up to 1kg of food waste, and after three to four hours of processing, compost is produced. "Smart Cara uses very little electricity," says Mr Sei. "If you run it daily, it will cost you about S$5 a month in electric bills."