Buying a digital lock

Image: Kwikset

Digital locks, or smart locks, are gaining popularity for its convenience and security features. Say goodbye to the days of being locked out! One of the popular features of digital locks is the ability for family members to track who and when someone has returned home via a mobile app or SMS notification.


How It Works

Most digital locks have multiple means of allowing entry into the home — biometric (fingerprint), keypad, RFID (card) and Bluetooth. There's also the auto lock function and warning alarm if the door is not closed properly. In certain models, you can even open the door remotely or set the access for someone to enter only at a specific day and time, for example, a part-time helper who comes twice a week for a few hours.


Ask Before You Buy

A few digital locks are not suitable for heavy doors, so do check the compatibility with your door. Some digital locks are also only meant for indoor use. If your door is exposed to the elements, such as rain, you should also ask if the lock is weatherproof. 


Our Picks

1. Kwikset Kevo, $399

With this, your smartphone becomes the key. Having the smartphone on you, you only need to touch the Kevo to unlock the door. Or simply use the fob that comes with the lock — keep it in your pocket or bag and enjoy the same touch-to-open convenience.


2. Dessmann G800TX, $1395

This model comes with impressive features. You can program it to allow a user access only within a time frame, whether it is days, weeks, months or years. The added security features include notifications when a family member is being forced to open the door, or when someone fails the authentication.


3. Igloohome Smart Lock, $399
Packed with features and priced very affordably, this model has the decoy PIN code feature that allows you to add additional numbers in front of your password to confuse passersby who may be trying to remember your password. Paired with the mobile app, it allows homeowners to grant access to their property remotely. It has three modes of access — PIN codes, bluetooth key and physical key.