A collection of vintage items in the home of cafe Carpenter and Cook's co-founder

Step into Eunice Yeo's home and you'll notice something odd. On the shelves are cake stands - in different colours, and often three or more of the same kind. On another shelf are candle holders, more than five in the same shade. And then there are drinking glasses, and vintage tea cup sets that seem to endlessly fill the shelves. Does a person really need so many of the same items?

Ms Yeo (above) collects children's books, some of which date back to the 1930s. She loves these books for the illustrations in them, and uses them as props, such as to add background colour to a dessert table, or to add height to a cake display stand. 

For the record, she is not a hoarder. She is a wedding stylist and florist, founder of Heaven in a Wild Flower, a highly successful boutique event styling and vintage rental company in Singapore.